SAGA reissues – delayed deliveries

We have been informed by our partners at earMUSIC that due to the worsening worldwide shortage in production materials, we are currently experiencing delays with the manufacturing of the upcoming SAGA CD reissues.

This will affect the release of the CDs planned for November as well as those planned for December unfortunately.


The CD releases of Detours (Live) and Full Circle are being moved back to December 10 for European territories. For Germany, we have decided to stick to the November 26 release date for the vinyl editions, though our European sales partners are free to decide whether they want to launch the vinyl as originally intended or move it to December 10 as well.

The US release of the Detours and Full Circle CDs remains unaffected at this point and will likely go ahead as planned on November 26. However just to be transparent here, there’s also the possibility that the US release will have to be delayed slightly.


The delays for House of Cards and Marathon have only affected the US release of the CD reissues. In the USA, those two will be available on CD starting January 14th. However, the US release of the vinyl will remain on December 17th.

The release in the rest of the world will also remain with the originally intended release date of December 17th for both, vinyl and CD.

We will provide additional updates if any.