The band celebrates their 46th year! Michael Sadler, on behalf of the band says “We can hardly believe it – going strong for 46 years! Thank you all for listening and supporting us all these years. We couldn’t have lasted this long without you.”

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SAGA’s cosmic warrior aka Golden Boy re-imagined – 2022 Copyright by Gwen Sadler

The band celebrates their 45th year on this date, June 13th. Michael Sadler, Jim Crichton, Ian Crichton, Steve Negus and Peter Rochon performed their very first show in 1977 at the Tudor Tavern in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Now featuring the current line-up of Michael Sadler, Ian Cricthon, Jim Gilour, Mike Thorne and Dusty Chesterfield, the band continue to perform and inspire generations of fans with their timeless music. Don’t miss them live as the SAGA continues…

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May 22 issue of Germany’s Eclipsed Magazin features a 14 page layout of the band with select interviews. It highlights the band’s iconic album “Worlds Apart”. Available direct from their website.

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We have been informed by our partners at earMUSIC that due to the worsening worldwide shortage in production materials, we are currently experiencing delays with the manufacturing of the upcoming SAGA CD reissues.

This will affect the release of the CDs planned for November as well as those planned for December unfortunately.


The CD releases of Detours (Live) and Full Circle are being moved back to December 10 for European territories. For Germany, we have decided to stick to the November 26 release date for the vinyl editions, though our European sales partners are free to decide whether they want to launch the vinyl as originally intended or move it to December 10 as well.

The US release of the Detours and Full Circle CDs remains unaffected at this point and will likely go ahead as planned on November 26. However just to be transparent here, there’s also the possibility that the US release will have to be delayed slightly.


The delays for House of Cards and Marathon have only affected the US release of the CD reissues. In the USA, those two will be available on CD starting January 14th. However, the US release of the vinyl will remain on December 17th.

The release in the rest of the world will also remain with the originally intended release date of December 17th for both, vinyl and CD.

We will provide additional updates if any.


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Attention collectors: Wildest Dreams 2021 Missing Album Sticker

We have received a response from our friends at the label regarding this situation:

A last minute issue regarding the barcode for this product was discovered (would not scan properly) and had to be addressed immediately.

The solution was to print a correct barcode sticker to place on the physical product.In doing so, it was necessary to remove the shrink-wrap with the badge sticker. Unfortunately, they had to do without a fresh badge sticker on the outside of the package to meet the shipping deadline.

Knowing how important it is for collectors to have them all uniform, we have asked if replacement stickers are available. If so, we will offer them for the cost of postage from our website.

On behalf of our entire team, we apologize for the unfortunate situation and hope for your understanding.

Sincerely, Team SAGA and Team earMUSIC

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We regret to share that some of the band’s upcoming shows in Scandinavia have been postponed till 2022. The promoters cite “the unreliability of the development of the CoVid pandemic and possible government restrictions” for their decision. We are awaiting further developments. Kindly check with your vendor/venue for their ticket policies. Check for updated listings here


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Heads or Tales originally released in 1983, is the latest album in our Reissue series. Fans and avid collectors have given the remastered Vinyl series an overwhelmingly positive reception. The Reissues are deftly engineered by the uber talented Eike Freese/ Chameleon Studios, Hamburg, and Exclusively available to our North American friends.

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